Xian, a city of 7 million inhabitants located in the very center of China, was one of the four ancient capital cities of China. Historically located at the end of the Silk Road it is famous for its Terra Cotta Soldiers and its Muslim quarter and mosque.

1. The Terra Cotta soldiers

You should start the day early by a journey to this UNESCO world heritage. It is 45 minutes away from the city centre. The place is huge and divided into 3 parts: an introduction hall where you will be told the story of the discovery, then two more halls protecting the first and the second pit. The size of the site, the work done to restore the Terra Cotta Army is simply mind blowing. Count half a day to visit and return to Xian.

On the way back stop over at the Huaqing Hot Springs in Lintong, a wonderful palace with hot Springs where the so called “Xian incident” took place in 1936, involving the nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek who escaped from a rebellion by his two close generals.

2. Inside the city walls

When you return to the city, go straight to the wonderful Muslim mosque and enjoy its Chinese Palace architecture style. When you come out from the mosque, you should wonder about the streets of the Muslim quarter and test some of the street foods available. If time allows get to the Bell tower and climb on the large city walls.

3. The pagoda and the fountain at night

Your next stop is the Pagoda; in daylight you will enjoy an amazing view to the four corners of the city. You should then have dinner before you enjoy the spectacular fountain light show.

Enjoy the day…

Xian day tour map

Xian day tour map

Xian Mosque

Xian Mosque

Terra Cotta Soldiers

Terra Cotta Army

Street food

Street food

Large city walls

Large city walls

Musical fountain

Musical fountain


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