“One day city tour” was inspired by a reality I was often confronted to during my corporate life. I would travel to many cities but had little or no time for sightseeing.

Over the years however I decided to occasionally extend my stay for a one day holiday to discover a city. And when returning I would share with friends and start developing trails to see as much as possible in just a day.

Some would say: how sad! I say that when one is given the chance to travel so much, one should take the opportunity to use even just one day to get to see some of the key places in a city; but which are they?

In this blog I would like to share my view of the must see places in many of the cities I have visited or lived in but would immediately agree that they are many more.

The author (that would be me) is 56, born in Nottingham, UK, grew up in Switzerland, worked around the world: London, Paris, Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Moscow and Lausanne – sounds like a fashion store :-)

I occasionally wrote for a local newspaper and the University magazine but that was a long time ago. So here we go, I am coming out again hoping I may interest you or make you smile.

The author

The author


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